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Architectural Restrictions

No construction work shall be commenced upon any structure unless the plans and specifications shall comply with Section 3.8 [of the covenants] and shall show complete construction details.

Powers and Duties of The Architectural Committee:
1. To examine and approve or disapprove any plans and specifications submitted to it by a lot owner.
2. To waive up to 25% of any area or yard requirement contained in these restrictive covenants, unless said waiver request is in conflict with zoning ordinances.
3. To determine whether a fence, wall, hedge, or shrub planting unreasonably obstructs the view of approaching street traffic, golf views and lake views of adjoining lots.
4. To inspect any contruction work in progress upon any lot for the purpose of ascertaining whether the applicable provisions of these restrictive covenants are being fully complied with.

Sample Permissable Building Rules:
– All buldings erected shall be constructed of new materials of good quality; no “used materials,” except for brick and stone.
– Individual dwelling units should be designed to achieve a balanced proportion and scale. Roof pitches should not be less than 6 in 12; no flat or mansard roofs. Simple use of exterior materials and finishes is desired.
– Vinyl or aluminum siding is not allowed in The Reserve or The Greens. Elsewhere its use is restiricted, see the Covenants and Restrictions for details.
– The roof material recommendations are wood, architectural design asphalt shingles, or other premium roofing materals. Metals, plastics or asbestos/cement shingles are unacceptable.

A more complete and definite definition of the Architectural Committee and the Architectural Standards is in the Covenants and Restrictions, available here.