The Area

Founded in 1833, Urbana, Illinois has a population of 41,250, and is home to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the area’s largest employer.  Urbana is immediately adjacent to Champaign, which has a population of 83,424.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, a very low student-teacher ratio, and a world class public library, Urbana is an ideal community to live and raise a family.

Points of Interest

Urbana Public Schools

The Unit 116 Urbana School District is home to the Urbana Early Childhood Center, six elementary schools, Urbana Middle School and Urbana High School.

The Urbana Early Childhood Center provides services to preschool aged children who have delays in development or disabilities. Children enrolled at Urbana Early Childhood School have been identified through a screening and assessment process as needing either Special Education Services or Preschool Readiness Experience. The Center teaches communication, social, and thinking skills to prepare at-risk children for transition into the school system.

Elementary schools in the district include Leal Elementary, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Prairie Elementary, Thomas Paine Elementary, Wiley Elementary, and Yankee Ridge Elementary. Children residing in the Stone Creek and Cobble Creek Subdivision attend Thomas Paine Elementary. For additional information on school attendance areas, visit the Unit 116 website attendance map.

Urbana Middle School and Urbana High School serve all students in the district.